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          2008 corporate restructuring

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          • 2019-01-10

          With the rapid development of Chinas pesticide market and the overall good development trend of the industry, China has developed into the worlds largest pesticide producer. In 2012, the output of Chinas chemical pesticides (100% effective ingredients) reached 3.549 million tons, a year-on-year increase of 34.0%, providing important support for agricultural production.

          The international pesticide market is oligopoly, and the market share of pesticide manufacturers in developed countries is about 90%. At present, there are more than 2000 pesticide production enterprises in China, with scattered production capacity, generally small scale, weak R & D capacity and no core competitiveness. Most of the small-scale enterprises mainly produce products with patent expiration, with low profit and heavy burden, and a large gap with other countries in the world.

          Through merger and reorganization, product structure adjustment and capacity expansion, Zhejiang Longyou Oriental anasac crop Technology Co., Ltd. relies on the technology of Chiles anasac to continuously enhance its own strength. At the same time, we are paying more and more attention to and increasing investment in independent scientific and technological innovation capacity, and we have also made many remarkable achievements in the emerging biological pesticides, low toxic pesticides, plant growth regulators and other high-tech projects.

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