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          Construction and operation of the new plant

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          • 2018-03-15

          Every brilliant future has a successful beginning, and every successful beginning comes from a correct choice. There are beautiful mountains and rivers, beautiful environment, rich resources, simple folk customs, good policy environment, which is a good place to build pesticide suppliers. Zhejiang Longyou Oriental anasac crop Technology Co., Ltd. is a vigorous, energetic, imaginative and creative enterprise, as well as an enterprise with a sense of mission and responsibility. After several years of business travel, it has forged our integrity and cultivated our tenacity. With the support of this hot land, we will closely focus on the established goal of planning and construction, under the correct leadership of Party committees and governments at all levels, with the strong support of relevant departments, and with the concern of friends from all walks of life, the company will attach great importance to and spare no effort to give full play to the advantages of management, capital and technology, meticulously organize and carry out scientific construction with high standards and high quality To complete the construction task as scheduled with high efficiency and build a resource-saving and environment-friendly modern enterprise.

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